What’s trending in colors for flooring?

What’s trending in colors for flooring?

Flooring is all about creativity this year. Remember when the floor was only a bland backdrop?

Now it's often the focal point of a space. It's the foundation of the room's interior plan, and the furnishings and accessories revolve around it.

Here’s what’s colorful on the new floors these days.

Blond woods

Light woods, like blond, whitewashed and gray, are back in a big way. Designers and homeowners love them because they’re so easy to coordinate.

You'll also love how they hide dust, light dirt, and scuffs.

Blond is wildly trending these days. It's both contemporary and rustic, making it classic and timeless. And, of course, you'll get that open, airy, and more significant atmosphere that is so popular today.

Darkest dark woods

That's not to say dark floors are out. On the contrary, they're sophisticated and make a stunning design statement. So you'll see plenty of them in our flooring store.

But today, dark woods are getting even darker. With the wide assortment of stains, it's pretty easy to change the color of wood floors.


Gray is considered the "new neutral," but now it has a unique twist. A little beige is added to the hue for depth.

It works well in any decor, from modern to rustic. Greige blends in with just about any color.


Blue carpets are trending hot today. It’s considered another “new neutral.” Blue works well with just about any color. It also adds color but doesn't overwhelm it.

See “Distinct Flair” carpeting by Mohawk in our flooring company. It's available in 24 colors.


Jewel tones feature all the colors of gemstones. We're talking red, purple, orange, green, etc.

See us for a colorful custom area rug if you're curious but not ready to go all in. Then, of course, you can always layer it (another hot trend) over a more neutral wall-to-wall.

By the way, no worries if you still want to go neutral. They'll always be popular!

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