What is flooring underlayment?

What is flooring underlayment?

When you choose your new floors, you might find that they need an added underlayment. But what is underlayment, and why is it a necessary part?

Learning more about this piece can mean a lot to your flooring experience. And here are some facts that can help you make a great decision.

Defining an underlayment

An underlayment goes underneath materials like laminate and luxury vinyl flooring. It's made of various materials, including cork, felt, and rubber.

Each underlayment should match the flooring you choose for the best results. Of course, each offers different benefits, but our flooring company provides some of the same options.

What you'll get with underlayment

One of the main reasons for underlayment use is a quieter flooring experience. You'll hear less creaking, footfall, and hollow sounds while the floor is in use.

But it also increases noise suppression, especially if you have pets, children, or both; this occurs because the underlayment absorbs loud noises, electronic sounds, and activities.

The perfect underlayment can also protect against moisture damage from subfloor situations. This is especially important if your subfloor is concrete, so pick a built-in vapor barrier.

With new floors, an underlayment can also resist compression, for fewer dents and bending over time. This increases support and functionality as long as your floors are in place.

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